Keep Fit

KEEP-FIT Classes are held regularly in the  DCA Centre. The classes are:

THURSDAY 6-7 pm Body Sculpt
SATURDAY 9-10 am Body Sculpt
SATURDAY 10.10-11 am Circuit Training

This is an all over toning class using weights and stretchy bands. The class starts with a short warm up and stretch. We then work the upper body with stretchy bands and varying weights. Everyone uses the weight suited to their ability. Moving on to legs, some balancing to improve core stability mixed with lunges and squats sometimes using foot weights. Finally an ab work out to help the tummy area! The class finishes with a long stretch.

Circuit class
Is a series of 12 ‘stations’ each used for 1 min. The stations are a mixture of exercises for upper body, lower body, abs., and some cardiovascular in between! Each person works on a different station so there is no competition! Everyone works to their own level. Weights are also selected for the individual.

The classes are open to anyone – Any age, any fitness. We hope to create a relaxed friendly atmosphere to exercise to the level of your ability.

No booking required, just turn up! Each class is £4 paid weekly. Membership of the D.C.A. is also a requirement for insurance purposes. This is £10.00 per year. Forms available at the class or download here. Please also fill in the Gift Aid form here if eligible.

During the winter months – November to March (dependent on demand) ‘Ski fit’ classes happen on a Wednesday evening between 7.30pm and 8.30pm. This is a group class concentrating on strengthening legs, improving balance, improving endurance. More details nearer the time.

For any information on the classes or general fitness enquiries feel free to contact:


Alison West 07801 824867